Novak Djokovic vs Daniil Medvedev Match Highlights (F) | Australian Open 2021

Novak Djokovic takes on Daniil Medvedev in the final of the Australian Open 2021.


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    Australian Open TV

    Hace 20 días

    Extended highlights available here: Full match available here:

  2. holymackenaw


    Hace un mes

    I am still mad how bad the younger stars looked. Thiem didnt play well at all. Tsitsipas came back great against Rafa and showed nothing against Medwedew and Medwedew has zero chance against Novak. Very disappointing.

  3. L Tri

    L Tri

    Hace un mes

    Tennis, the most beautiful sport in the world

  4. fernando quiñones

    fernando quiñones

    Hace un mes

    Thank you Nole for shutting some mouths! Idemo champ! Follow you own way, you are doing it great so far.

  5. Marcella Holder

    Marcella Holder

    Hace un mes

    I was the ball girl for this match

  6. Raul Choque

    Raul Choque

    Hace un mes

    Mendeleev play horrible . He made easy this way to win Australian. Nadal or tesis iPad will be different history even rublov will have more chance

  7. FangRu


    Hace un mes

    I think that Djokovic will retire with 30 GS as all time great... Nadal will retire probably with like 25 GS...

  8. Bruhhiza


    Hace un mes

    Novak has a bad temper ! Not good for an athlete!



    Hace un mes

    australian open and french open both are boring !

  10. Jétthias 972

    Jétthias 972

    Hace un mes

    Boss Australian's open 🇸🇮

  11. Flesz


    Hace un mes

    I love watching gay sports

  12. The Beast SB

    The Beast SB

    Hace un mes

    If federer was considered the goat it was only because he got the record of grand slam... Now consider this : since he turned 28 (2010) he only won 4 grand slam. During the same period djoko have won 17 and counting... He also smash him in direct confrontation... I was a big Federer fan boy but now i realise that Djoko is just the real goat.

  13. Sami Folio

    Sami Folio

    Hace un mes

    Booooooo to the vaccine

  14. Joana Rosa

    Joana Rosa

    Hace un mes

    I ❤️ Nole.

  15. Erwin Vlaeminck

    Erwin Vlaeminck

    Hace un mes

    You know, this game of tennis produced so many great moments and players. Remember Boris Becker, the greatest fast indoor carpet player and Wimbledon champ at age 16. Chang Winning the French Open at 17. Pistol Pete winning the Us at 19 when nobody saw coming the greatest player of all times, The Federer before Federer, let's not forget Henry Lecompte or Edberg. Now we have 2021.... and the greatest of this era is Novak. The big 3? Already for 10 years, Novak is the best. So, the most impressive player ever? Pete for sure. The best ever? Novak.

  16. demian


    Hace un mes

    Well, boy and girls, Novak made changes to his game. He knows he isn't young any more, so he improves his serve to be able to get free points. He will work on accuracy even more now, to be able to hit more winners when needed. But also his movement will not suffer. He now has 3 game plans, and he will dig deep if something doesn't work for him at the moment. So behold... It will be scary. :)

  17. Some Things In Life

    Some Things In Life

    Hace un mes

    How is it utter defiance and determination when it's a straight sets easy victory?

  18. lapidarbgd


    Hace un mes

    Thanks to Goran "Zec (The Rabbit)" Ivanišević, Đoković greatly improved his serve, as well as the net presence, agresiveness and fervor...When you see Novak breaking rackets, it means that he's emotional... At this stage in his career, Ivanišević has helped him greatly...

  19. Jacob Schmidt

    Jacob Schmidt

    Hace un mes

    I admit I had doubts in Djokovic, only because of his age and that injury he was dealing with. I picked the Octopuss to win this match based on youth and form. I am glad that Nole proved me wrong with the masterclass he displayed last night. Djokovic may reign on hard courts for now, but Medvedevs time will certainly come. Congrats to both Djokovic and Medvedev. Both are great human beings and I hope for much continued success for both of them. Haters can throw out all the meaningless stats they want, but the fact remains that Djokovic leads Nadal in every important stat but slams--more weeks at number one, more year end number 1's, more master 1,000's, 5 WTF's to Nadals 0, winner of every master 1,000 tournament and head to head. In fact, if not for that ridiculous USO debacle last year and Wimbledon being cancelled, Nole would likely be tied with Nadal and Fed at 20 slams. Don't deny that Nadal lucked out getting his precious French Open during the Corona virus. Nadal worshipers like to overrate the Olympics, when in reality, they award less points than a master 1,000 tournament. Compare the number of top 10 players that Nadal beat to win the 08 OG compared to Medvedev at the World Tour Finals last year. The stats are pretty telling. Many good players don't even play the Olympics and the draws are generally much easier than a WTF and even a master 1,000. Not winning a WTF looks much worse on a players resume than not winning an Olympic Gold, primarily because a player gets every year to win a WTF. The Olympics is only every 4 years and a player may just get the bad luck of the draw--be it injury, bad patch in form, security reasons, etc. The OG is important to players for sentimental reasons, but the WTF is much more difficult to win because you have to have a great year to even qualify. Then you have to deal with the best of the best. No easy draws. Remember when an unknown named Monica Puig won the Olympics? What did she do after that? How can Nadal be a better player than Djokovic and Federer, when he cannot beat the elite 8 even once? He sucks indoors as well, with only 2 titles. This shows his deficiencies indoors. You say that Djokovic has never beat Nadal in a FO final, but you fail to mention that the Serb blitzed him in the FO 15 quarterfinals. In addition Nadal was pretty mediocre at Wimbledon from 2012 through 2017. He lost in the 2nd round, 1st round, 4th round, 2nd round, 4th round during his prime. This is inexcusable and would never happen to Djokovic and Federer, even at the French. Djokovic lost to an all-time great in Murray and Wawrinka because of a huge matchup disadvantage in grand slam finals. Your point? That is much better than losing in early rounds to no name players like Nadal did at Wimbledon. Murray also beat Nadal in 2 slam matches(USO 08 and AO 10) when Nadal was in his prime. And that's not even mentioning Nadal falling to lesser players in slams outside of clay from 05 through AO 08. Lastly, Nadal beat up on Federer in the early years because of the huge matchup advantage the Spaniard had, not because he was ever the better player. To conclude, Nadal is no doubt a legend and one of the best. He will just never be better and more complete than both Djokovic and Federer.

  20. tjmaster627


    Hace un mes

    I know everyone can't forget Federer and Nadal but djokovic is a straight-up going to be the goat. Srry to say🤷

  21. Hugo Bevalot

    Hugo Bevalot

    Hace un mes

    Halland est un très bon joueur même si il y a beaucoup à apprendre Donc je prendrai Mbappé

  22. Marko Nikolic

    Marko Nikolic

    Hace un mes

    Medvedev played lika a total loser. You need to have patience vs Djokovic. That's why Wawrinka destroys him.

  23. Long Moon

    Long Moon

    Hace un mes

    DjogovicN Oh

  24. Adonis Top of Men

    Adonis Top of Men

    Hace un mes

    great .......

  25. eM lliK

    eM lliK

    Hace un mes

    The most complete player ever

  26. Pedorro Apestoso

    Pedorro Apestoso

    Hace un mes

    Worst crowd ever. Worst highlights ever. Worst Slam ever.

  27. agradina


    Hace un mes

    medvedev is not such a very good player as media try to make him .

  28. Syed Iqbal Ahmed

    Syed Iqbal Ahmed

    Hace un mes

    No contest ! I want my money back Novak !

  29. Tùng Nguyễn Thanh

    Tùng Nguyễn Thanh

    Hace un mes

    I don't understand why people hate Nole. He's funny, witty, and most of all he shows us how beautiful tennis can be.

    • Svinja Debela

      Svinja Debela

      Hace un mes

      it's just what western media houses are always doing - sabotaging and being jealous of anything that is remotely close to what they define as east.

  30. Azmi Ganie

    Azmi Ganie

    Hace un mes

    one word : the king

  31. nongthip


    Hace un mes

    Something which has really stood out during this AO leading right up to the finals - great sportsman/womanship, politeness, maturity, sympathy, friendship. OK maybe a couple of racket smashes and muttered expletives, but overall a lot of exemplary respectfulness.

  32. Alborz Ajeli

    Alborz Ajeli

    Hace un mes

    This one was for you Kyrgios ;) eat some humble pie and then chock on it, you're not fit to speak the name of a true champion.

  33. SafwanRCOD Beast

    SafwanRCOD Beast

    Hace un mes

    i really want to see Djokovic vs Chang the legend again that one was a really good match

  34. santi moya

    santi moya

    Hace un mes

    Nole is a beast but the true fact is that medvdev played one of his worst matches of his Carrer he was lost since the beginning

    • Dex Belis

      Dex Belis

      Hace un mes

      you play as well as the opponent allows you😀

  35. Suraj S Subramanian

    Suraj S Subramanian

    Hace un mes


  36. YouTube Dick-tators

    YouTube Dick-tators

    Hace un mes

    Coaches & family were forced to wear masks in an empty arena during the 5-day lockdown but in the trophy presentation the Ruling Class did not wear masks, their egos don't want face-diapers on when they frame these pictures.

  37. Dean Ryan Martin

    Dean Ryan Martin

    Hace un mes

    Based on this short highlights alone, NoDjo's game in plexicushion hardcourt becomes perfectly predictable. This is the kind of game I saw against Thiem and Rafa in 2020 and 2019, respectively.

  38. Roger Sweeney

    Roger Sweeney

    Hace un mes


  39. Azuarzch


    Hace un mes

    I believe that Novak Djokovic will overtaking Nadal n Federer

  40. MrKpopSucks


    Hace un mes

    Man Novak should’ve faked another injury after leading 2 sets to 0 just to throw daniil off and win in the fifth. Novak is literally the most clutch athlete in the world for making a bold statement about not handing over anything to the nextgen BEFORE the final. And he really backed it up in the end. Others would only dare make such strong statement AFTER winning the title but not Novak lol. It’s true, if Novakhad to work his ass off and literally changed his lifestyle to break Fedal, the nextgen must not have it easy

  41. Paul Tenenbaum

    Paul Tenenbaum

    Hace un mes

    If Rafa's the King of Clay then the Joker's the King of G'day.

  42. Ham Boba

    Ham Boba

    Hace un mes

    This trashing Novak gave Med is almost as bad as the trashing Rafa gave Novak at the FO. If Daniel ever wants to beat Novak, he's gonna need to add some RPMs to his shots

  43. Max Power

    Max Power

    Hace un mes

    The Djoker owns Rod Laver Arena

  44. Ano


    Hace un mes


  45. solidgt


    Hace un mes

    2 min highlights for a grand slam final..?? You’re ridiculous

  46. Frederik Louw

    Frederik Louw

    Hace un mes

    Most boring final in the history of finals.

  47. booyah2u 2

    booyah2u 2

    Hace un mes

    Amazing Djokovic. Medvedev didn't play badly. Djokovic just played superbly forcing Medvedev to unravel, having no answers to the Djokovic onslaught. Any glimmer of hope by Medvedev was shot down by Djokovic.

  48. Sandeep Thilakan

    Sandeep Thilakan

    Hace un mes

    Every time Tsitsipas says “I think that X will win the final”, X gets destroyed by Djokovic in the final. 😂

  49. Reananda Hidayat Permono

    Reananda Hidayat Permono

    Hace un mes

    Beating Daniil in straight set OMG Novak what a beast!

  50. Din Rai

    Din Rai

    Hace un mes

    Love from india🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  51. atom


    Hace un mes

    Won the match with a sky hook.

  52. Prad G

    Prad G

    Hace un mes

    After the 2019 Wimbledon finals when he battled not only Fed but the crowd as well and became champ, should've been obvious to young players to toughen up mentally. There's levels to this game and Novak is leagues ahead of others at this point. I guess it's a great learning experience for someone like Med.

  53. fishbone3333


    Hace un mes

    Best ever. I'm a Federer guy, but this Djokovic dude is simply the best the sport has ever seen.

  54. Hernan Cano

    Hernan Cano

    Hace un mes

    If Nole and Nadal keep on this mode, in 2 years we will tak about the Big 2, instead of the Big 3!



    Hace un mes


  56. Mathew Frangoul

    Mathew Frangoul

    Hace un mes

    Djokoo the greatest 🤙🤙

  57. Sridharan Ramachandran

    Sridharan Ramachandran

    Hace un mes

    Medvedev wife should take lessons from federer's wife mirka how to be positive and encouraging. Medvedev had the skill and energy to beat djokovic when he came back from 3-0 to 3-3 in first test. I have never seen anybody do it except fedex or nadal. Esp. First time first time finalist in aus open. The negativity of his wife made medvedev anxious and nervous. Either she has to change her attitude or watch the match in tv in her room In future.

  58. Djonny TUNGADI

    Djonny TUNGADI

    Hace un mes

    Another #NovakDjokovic #Grandslam win with #Lacoste. LACOSTE................. 6 titles & counting, UNIQLO.................... 7 titles, SERGIO TACCHINI... 4 titles & ADIDAS.................... 1 title. Going this pattern, LACOSTE WILL have 10 titles.

  59. Schrodinger's Cat

    Schrodinger's Cat

    Hace un mes

    Novak could be the GOAT of GOATs given that he played like this every tournament.

  60. Schrodinger's Cat

    Schrodinger's Cat

    Hace un mes

    Hmm seems like Medvedev is just like any other player.

  61. The Bambino

    The Bambino

    Hace un mes

    Medvedev is a FUCKING CRYBABY !! He had some STUPID comment or gesture after almost EVERY POINT HE LOST ! I'm GLAD Djokovic KICKED HIS ASS !!

  62. Raf


    Hace un mes

    Congrats to novak... Stay strong rafa n practice hard for french open... U need to protect ur own fortress bcoz these next gen players r not mentally ready to win slams against big3..

  63. Bryan Burns

    Bryan Burns

    Hace un mes

    So im curious to know at what point can Djokovic be considered the GOAT of tennis? I still feel Federer at his peak could beat this incarnation of Djokovic....just my own perspective..

  64. Infernum Paradiso

    Infernum Paradiso

    Hace un mes

    Daniil, is that it? Is that all you've got?

  65. Manan Dhiman

    Manan Dhiman

    Hace un mes

    ..... and they say "We miss Mr. Australian Open, Roger Federer!" 🥱

  66. tigerbalm


    Hace un mes

    AO has been irrelevant in the last 20 years...why even call this a Slam event?

  67. Sunny Patil

    Sunny Patil

    Hace un mes


  68. John


    Hace un mes

    Will go down as greatest player in men's tennis. Will be a long time before that record is broken. Soon to pass Federer on most weeks as no. 1

  69. Frank de la Puente

    Frank de la Puente

    Hace un mes

    2/21/2021 Why do you have to reveal who won? What enjoyment is therein watching a contest knowing who won? And who cares who won?

  70. Hol' Up Niqqa

    Hol' Up Niqqa

    Hace un mes

    Wow, he is truly the GOAT.

  71. Allan Yang

    Allan Yang

    Hace un mes

    Don’t think we need a extended version, it was all djokovic from the start lol

  72. Moriguchi Mark

    Moriguchi Mark

    Hace un mes

    Tennis players are faking injury all the time these days...Djokovic, and Osaka faked injury and intentionary ritired a tournament on semi before AO, Also players now use the injury time as mental and phisical tactics during the match like having a cup of is no longer Ladies and Gentlmen sports, its like Soccer, fake is a part of the game lol

  73. christopher garcia

    christopher garcia

    Hace un mes

    itachi vs sasuke basically

  74. Manny Zooster

    Manny Zooster

    Hace un mes

    Djokovic in AO, Nadal in RG, Federer in Wimbledon. All kings. They each own their own color in tennis now: Blue, Red, and Green

  75. Sanny Engwet

    Sanny Engwet

    Hace un mes

    Jajajaja where is the injury and how come he play like that jajajaja in other sport flopper is not allowed or fake injured is illegal jajajajjaja what you see is what you get jajaja Lookback what happen in game match between Taylor Fritz Vs djocovik the flopper jajajaja

    • Sanny Engwet

      Sanny Engwet

      Hace un mes

      @sonny6942 yes im crying beause its true 😞 sad but true

    • sonny6942


      Hace un mes

      Keep crying.

  76. Barstool Blues

    Barstool Blues

    Hace un mes

    Medvedev basically had a complete mental collapse for a good 45 minutes in this match. Against someone like Djokovic that's basically the end for you.

  77. Kool Pikle

    Kool Pikle

    Hace un mes

    The first set was very close, however, when Medvedev lost the break in the second set, he was fighting with himself. I have never seen him in such an abysmal mental state, he totally collapsed and had a meltdown after's match was all about how Medvedev lost his mind. Can't even believe it; after all that hard work to keep his temper under control, gone down the drain...the guy was literally complaining to himself and his box after every SINGLE point, smashing racquets and whining like a baby; thats never going to get him anywhere near a grand slam, unbelievable how the match was over in straights...Daniil defied our expectations today... in a very bad, bad way!

  78. Sanny Engwet

    Sanny Engwet

    Hace un mes

    Djocovik the best best flopper player and fake player in tennis history😊😊😁😁

    • Sanny Engwet

      Sanny Engwet

      Hace un mes

      @sonny6942 because its true 😞 sad but true🙏😭

    • sonny6942


      Hace un mes

      Kep crying.

  79. 張明杰


    Hace un mes

    Medvedev 好可惜喔 我本來很希望他贏的

  80. John Kim

    John Kim

    Hace un mes

    Djokovic is the master of drop shots

  81. jojo


    Hace un mes

    lopsided daniil had to train more harder

  82. Prof. Rafael Lima D.Sc.

    Prof. Rafael Lima D.Sc.

    Hace un mes

    Is it you Djokosmash? 0:03 No 😨

  83. Austin W

    Austin W

    Hace un mes

    Novak is a tennis legend, unlike bono's love child.

  84. Callum McAndrew

    Callum McAndrew

    Hace un mes

    What a disappointing final. What the hell happened to Medvedev? The reason why Novak won was because Daniil completely fell apart in the second and third set. Daniil looked so dangerous in the first set, then in the second and third he just could not get focused and was rushing through his service game. This AO was won by Novak because Daniil let him have it, if he played at his best and continued the form he was in in the first set he might have actually won.

    • Rhys Watson

      Rhys Watson

      Hace un mes

      He was no hope!

  85. Cynnik911


    Hace un mes

    There are glimpses of these top next generation players finally overtaking the current legends... but this was a straight BEATDOWN putting the kid in his place!

  86. John Abraham

    John Abraham

    Hace un mes

    I hope the nick Kyrgios is reading coming ... such a looser who make fun of world number one but himself no where near tue Djokovic...

  87. JCanales


    Hace un mes

    I’m surprised they allowed so many fans

  88. Trudy Holmm

    Trudy Holmm

    Hace un mes

    Stan wawrinka is the only guy who has beaten novak in melbourne , paris and new york the 3 grand slams . Not even federer not even nadal has done that . Nadal and federer has never beaten novak in Melbourne . To beat novak u need to be powerful and precise .

  89. steve coleman

    steve coleman

    Hace un mes

    Just an awesome display from joka Med looked back many times to his box knowing he hit winners and they came back over the net !! Just incredible playing and he read almost every shot from med...ready to pounce.. poor Med he was demoralised ........joka is king.

  90. Lazar Duke

    Lazar Duke

    Hace un mes

    Nothin and I mean nothing (aside of two more GS) anyone has in this sport over Novak Djokovic! Came along in the toughest ever era of men’s tennis, won 18GS from 28GS finals. Out of those 28 finals, 23 have been against either Federer, Nadal, Murray or Wawrinka. Add to this, the Most weeks at world number 1, every masters series title won twice. Winning head to head records against every single one of his main rivals.

  91. Peter Pesic

    Peter Pesic

    Hace un mes

    NOVAK THE CHAMPION OF THE WORLD As a Kid so small and Cute He practised hard every day To become astute He had dreams of a Great Journey Beyond To the common man this was Unknown He heard about the Two "R's" Dominating the Game He said " Hey I want to do the Same and never feel any Shame!" As the New Kid on the Block He Trained so hard his body became Hard as a Rock He was Ready to give Everyone Round the World a Great big Shock A Rising Champion on all levels of the Human Condition The Whole World would soon Realise that he was on a Serious Mission People Started Remembering his name Novak Djokovic Became the Pride of the Serbian Flame He could not be Defeated Ever in the Big Game So as a Fan who watched you from aside Knowing how hard you always Tried Makes me so Proud to see The Champion of The World is Finally Free And is Now Hopefully Looked Upon with Glee ZIVELI !!!! Poem written by Predrag Pesic (The Fan) 22/2/21 10.01am

  92. Standard King

    Standard King

    Hace un mes

    Too bad for him the ATP TOUR officially ended in 2019.

  93. Max Ohm

    Max Ohm

    Hace un mes

    After watching this performance Federer be like: “F this sh*t I’m out”. Federer gonna retire this year folks. He’s not gonna partake in the GOAT dog fight no more, he’s done ✔️

  94. Bruno Lopes

    Bruno Lopes

    Hace un mes

    What a boring and easy final

  95. Michael Baker

    Michael Baker

    Hace un mes


  96. Ahmed Abdullah

    Ahmed Abdullah

    Hace un mes

    French open is next. Nadal has chance to become the first male tennis player with 21 grand slams.

  97. Rhys Watson

    Rhys Watson

    Hace un mes

    King Kyrgios 2 - Djoko 0

    • PossesedCake


      Hace un mes

      @Funky Monk yeah fair point but I was saying just because soderling beat Rafa at rg doesn’t mean he is the king of clay

    • Funky Monk

      Funky Monk

      Hace un mes

      @PossesedCakeI get your point but hardly the same, soderling Beat rafa at fuckin RG, something that only him and novak have done, on The other hand kyrgios beat nole on some early rounds in 2017 when he was losing to scrubs left and right lol and the guy think it was a big deal lmao

    • PossesedCake


      Hace un mes

      Well to be fair he beat him 2017 the year when literally everyone beat him, that’s like soderling beating nadal on clay(Roland Garros) 2009 he’s not better than nadal tho

  98. Don De Guzman

    Don De Guzman

    Hace un mes

    Serve and volley!!??far out!new weapon ,superman!oh dear Raffa & Rf

  99. steve macpherson

    steve macpherson

    Hace un mes

    boring game hate watching 2 two handed backhanders play very boring one handers are more exciting to watch

  100. J


    Hace un mes

    Would be great if the flood of new-to-internet fanboys of the world would put in unique comments for once.