Cristiano Ronaldo & Lionel Messi • THE END IS NEAR | Official Documentary 2020

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Amazing Skills & Goals by Leo & Cris! :D
A compilation of best moments of in 2019-2020 HD
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1. ‘Classic Trailer’
2. Horizons - Scott Buckley
3. Chase - Igor Khainsky
4. Red - Scott Buckley
5. Divider - Chris Zabriskie
6. Percussion Show - Igor Khainskyi
7. Scraping The Sewer - Doug Maxwell
8. Hybridization Of Humanity
9. Earthy Crust - Jingle Punks
10. Steve Mazzaro - Capella
11. Two Fingers- Smurf (Instrumental)
12. Dramatic Emotional Background Music For Videos by AShamaluevMusic
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  1. Lorenzo F7

    Lorenzo F7

    Hace un mes

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    Hace 6 horas

    Good Performance?!?!?!?! WTF!?!?!?! 25:29



      Hace 6 horas

      GOAT performance more like

  3. Mehdi Keyha

    Mehdi Keyha

    Hace 7 horas

    I don't know why some people compare these 2 players because Ronaldo is not even close to messi to be compared with him and the only player of all time I can put above messi is rest in peace maradona and honestly I don't put Ronaldo even in third place after maradona and messi because I believe there were so many great players in the football history better than ronaldo

  4. Wieslaw Sobocinski

    Wieslaw Sobocinski

    Hace un día

    The best video *

  5. Асем Базарбай

    Асем Базарбай

    Hace un día

    that is the MASTERPIECE

  6. HB initials

    HB initials

    Hace un día

    Gonna say it again. Ronaldo made me like football. Messi made me love the game.

  7. Semih Taş

    Semih Taş

    Hace un día


  8. Utsav Kumar Saha

    Utsav Kumar Saha

    Hace un día

    Just writing the comment to state that yes i was a very Lucky Person to be alive during the era of CR7 & LM10. 🙏🏼 Love from India ❤️

  9. Kavish Jain

    Kavish Jain

    Hace un día


  10. Federico Ricardo Lopez

    Federico Ricardo Lopez

    Hace un día

    Si si hermosa rivalidad los mejores jugadores cada cual con su estilo por eso no hay que comparar dos genios...

  11. Sergio Elgueda

    Sergio Elgueda

    Hace un día

    No no no. Let's not get confused. Lionel Messi in his best stage as a football player, he was one of the best in the history. When he lowered his level, others reached him and even passed him, but in his best version, no one even came close to him!

  12. Bestialce2007


    Hace un día

    Why so gloomy? Unlike Pelé and Maradona we had the privilege of living in an era where we could see them play, regardless of where we live in the world + all their matches are recorded literally everywhere for posterity. Football could not have given us a better gift than Crissi in a more perfect time. Don't be sad it's ending. Be happy it happened

  13. Nakou


    Hace un día

    That's enough to make a grown man cry

  14. irving edun234

    irving edun234

    Hace 2 días

    the ankle breaking stepover king vs deadly quick toucher of doom

  15. Snake Majd

    Snake Majd

    Hace 2 días

    The best players in history are Messi and Ronaldo

  16. Gelso Patty

    Gelso Patty

    Hace 2 días

    goat messi no debat

  17. Christopher Luna

    Christopher Luna

    Hace 2 días

    In conclusion I’m crying I’m a Ronaldo fan and Real Madrid fan but they are both goats I don’t think one is better than the other, I’m gonna miss watching both of them and miss their matchups, I hope we get to see something like this In The future or football won’t be the same



    Hace 2 días

    pure magic genius together

  19. Demetrius Johan

    Demetrius Johan

    Hace 3 días

    Romans chapter 10 verse nine if you declare with your mouth Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead the Bible says you will be saved Jesus loves u Any prayer request put in comments And if your family has any prayer requests to

  20. Jakob Olsson

    Jakob Olsson

    Hace 4 días

    seeing this just makes you realise how much messi actually is



    Hace 4 días

    CR7 & LM10 ❤❤❤

  22. Zyleak


    Hace 4 días

    both are great players ...but messi is just universal dude

  23. TechUniverse!!


    Hace 4 días

    I’ll tell my kids that Messi discovered football

  24. BENJOKER 007

    BENJOKER 007

    Hace 4 días


  25. Habibul Bashar

    Habibul Bashar

    Hace 4 días

    I think they both are better than Pele 👑

  26. Prynz


    Hace 4 días


  27. Hankle Sacks

    Hankle Sacks

    Hace 4 días

    Two legends

  28. Aleks GFV

    Aleks GFV

    Hace 5 días

    For the guys who watching in the future know one thing-No one will be at their level!I'm proud to be in this years they are playing!When they will retire that will be the saddest day of my life!For the guys in the future-That guys were LEGENDS!



    Hace 5 días

    Im not gonna say whose side i am on but knowing that they are close to retiring makes me emotional...people would debate about who is better and the only good thing about that is they made each other work harder and become better day by day...two GOATS who made football better

  30. Sam G

    Sam G

    Hace 5 días

    We are so lucky of being alive on the "Messi and Cristiano ERA"... Just imagine for a second, be telling about Messi and Cristiano to our sons

  31. Karem Abbas

    Karem Abbas

    Hace 6 días

    Someday i was here

  32. Eyad Mohamed

    Eyad Mohamed

    Hace 6 días

    Where is Ballon D'or 2010 of Ronaldo



    Hace 6 días

    These Goats 🐐 changed the dynamics of the game these guys made 50 goals a season a norm and Ballon’Dor their personal property for 10yrs and all those football records just their person references,we r lucky to witness their era and those el classicos with that intensity 🏟⚽️💎⚡️

  34. Andy Garcia

    Andy Garcia

    Hace 6 días

    To the future boys enjoy watching their highlights

  35. NOOB117 YT

    NOOB117 YT

    Hace 6 días

    Ahora dilo sin llorar

  36. Kuči Cuce

    Kuči Cuce

    Hace 6 días

    Two best players ever...

  37. My name is Pennywise

    My name is Pennywise

    Hace 7 días

    Жаль, что нет русских субтитров

  38. Daniel Assem

    Daniel Assem

    Hace 7 días

    For someone who left home at 11 Ronaldo is always formally dressed

  39. Ananya Sivaraman

    Ananya Sivaraman

    Hace 7 días

    Five years from now..we'll come to realize how lucky we were to witness these G.O.A.T.S!🐐🐐

  40. luis miguel Oliva

    luis miguel Oliva

    Hace 7 días

    This was a movie rivarly in the best collective sport in the world im really proud to be a football fan in Cristiano and Messi era !

  41. Alan Rogata

    Alan Rogata

    Hace 7 días

    If you see this in the future, you'd think how lucky the generation will be to have seen Ronaldo and Messi live. The era is not over yet, because it will become history.

  42. awxnz


    Hace 7 días

  43. Gourav Kumar

    Gourav Kumar

    Hace 8 días

    Such a beautifully compiled video. A perfect tribute from the fans of this beautiful game.



    Hace 8 días

    No rivalry on both

  45. staticmajah official

    staticmajah official

    Hace 8 días


  46. Joel


    Hace 9 días

    One of the best 10 years of my life I won't regret........glad I was in it.......we miss you.....

  47. OISHO


    Hace 9 días


  48. Dafin Ananda

    Dafin Ananda

    Hace 9 días

    Classics rivalry will never be come out in my mind. 🍏🇮🇩

  49. crazy world fantasy

    crazy world fantasy

    Hace 10 días

    Messi should watch this for motivation

  50. Ramos Annan

    Ramos Annan

    Hace 10 días

    ഒരു സിനിമ കണ്ട ഫീലിംഗ് Messi 🐐 Ronaldo 🐐💯💯

  51. noah_ 361

    noah_ 361

    Hace 10 días

    I want to see them play together, even if its in a like friendship game or something like that, but i want it

  52. Michal Mišo

    Michal Mišo

    Hace 10 días

    Year 2021 I am so grateful that i was growing up with those 2 absolute LEGENDS since they started MY PLEASURE CR7 and LM10

  53. Rabi Amal

    Rabi Amal

    Hace 10 días


  54. Tri Phan

    Tri Phan

    Hace 10 días

    Imagine they play in the same team for even just 1 season. Messi dribbles through 4 players from the half line then make a sensational through pass for Ronaldo to speeds up. Ronaldo dribbles pass the GK then score. That will be greatest goal of all time.

  55. Blox master

    Blox master

    Hace 11 días

    Atleast Harling and Mbappe whill take over

  56. Kushal Jivarajani

    Kushal Jivarajani

    Hace 11 días

    I don't know why i am crying.... I'm 19 years old right now in 2021. It was back in 2010 when my eyes accidentally landed on a sports channel and it was barca vs someone....and all i remember from that match is the word "Messi" , that's where my journey began to witness some of the most desirable moments of my life... Seeing those magical feet on TV. ✨ It was in 2011 when i heard of an argument at my school.... The subject was "messi vs ronaldo".... That's when another thing happened in my life..✨ Slowly i started following football occasionally and the only reason that Kept me close to football were two things: "Leo Messi" & "Cristiano Ronaldo" .....✨ The rivals between their teams, the joys of winning, the sorrows of losing, the emotions of watching these two on the field is only what some lucky people on earth witness. ✨ And when they two meet, maybe it's just a different feeling you can't explain....💙 Forward to 2021, Messi at Barca is 33 years old and Ronaldo is 36...🥺 With these 2 numbers it seems a lot that CR7 might retire before LM10.... Whatever the end be.... Remember 21st century has witnessed 2 souls who left people with thousand emotions when they played on a green field... I am a big fan of Leo Messi but I never disrespected Cristiano Ronaldo.... Thank you to both 🙌🏻✨💙😭

  57. Chilli Hannes

    Chilli Hannes

    Hace 11 días


  58. vxryx 00

    vxryx 00

    Hace 11 días

    We all agree that both players have been consistently in the top of football world for over a decade are defining era players.

  59. David Smith

    David Smith

    Hace 11 días

    No one compares with Messi, he's the best in history!!

  60. Eneh Belluchi

    Eneh Belluchi

    Hace 12 días

    Stop this shut comparison Messi is the best ever u can compare them

  61. SudoSociety


    Hace 12 días

    Have you guys seen the documentary about Ibrahimovic? Its called "The Story of Zlatan Ibrahimovic - Official Documentary" Its up on ESpics now and a great watch, I totally recommend it!

  62. Joker Fan

    Joker Fan

    Hace 12 días

    I say messi and Ranaldo are the best players one the planet

  63. yasin Mohamoud

    yasin Mohamoud

    Hace 12 días

    13:31 that reaction is something else

  64. dibua michael

    dibua michael

    Hace 12 días

    It is just me or did someone else notice Messi has more defenders to beat. The Goats of football ⚽ 👑 Cr7 and 👑 LM10

  65. bijoy philip varghese

    bijoy philip varghese

    Hace 12 días

    We are lucky to have witnessed these legends RONALDO and MESSI.. I do not think what we have witnessed from these two is ever going to be repeated for a long time in football!



    Hace 12 días

    I'm writing this comment in 25 april 2021. This 2 best players are the best we could enjoy in football, Football is not gonna be same.

  67. ankan Paul

    ankan Paul

    Hace 12 días

    Ronaldo and Messi to each others heaters: We are now in the end game.

  68. ahmad umar

    ahmad umar

    Hace 12 días

    CR-7 thank you.. BY MADRIDISTA✋😢🤚

  69. Clik Herrarte

    Clik Herrarte

    Hace 12 días

    if you wach this..know there was no 1 like messi.. player maker and all that futball is and means.. cristiano is not even close to messi skills. messi is natural. there will never be a player like messi. Maybe in 30 years from now.

  70. activate ryan

    activate ryan

    Hace 12 días

    nice to wacth, warm regards

  71. Hillare Belloc

    Hillare Belloc

    Hace 13 días

    Glad I got to see them both through their careers.. Both GOATS 🐐 🐐

  72. Rhinoceros


    Hace 13 días

    Akinfenwa is clear

  73. n1 Big Fan

    n1 Big Fan

    Hace 13 días

    Imagine the day they retire 💔☹️😭

  74. Afeef Muhammed

    Afeef Muhammed

    Hace 13 días


  75. SHEKA 11

    SHEKA 11

    Hace 13 días

    Remember that these two are legends and incomparable ✌️

  76. Abin Ebi

    Abin Ebi

    Hace 13 días

    And it's couldn't believe,this things will end...💔

  77. N9Tail Z

    N9Tail Z

    Hace 13 días

    Why is noone talking about how beautiful this edit was?

  78. Mutikupar Khongwet

    Mutikupar Khongwet

    Hace 13 días


  79. Muchaneta Mudyiwa

    Muchaneta Mudyiwa

    Hace 13 días

    If you are watching this in future know that you miss out the best of these two who ever watch this 2 in their time are fortune coz it will take long to find their replacement$!gn out #knac

  80. Python


    Hace 14 días

    Messi is the more technical and skilled footballer, and Ronaldo is the more complete footballer, the guy that can do everything. The two best players of all time.

  81. Kratik Solanki

    Kratik Solanki

    Hace 14 días

    U guys are lucky to have both your goats playing in same era in their prime last time we nba fans had it was wilt and bill and even that was one sided

  82. polivini2879


    Hace 14 días

    Aquí Messi le gana la final a Cristiano en la champions eso es que lo hacer mejor que el

  83. Mujtaba Mattoo

    Mujtaba Mattoo

    Hace 15 días

    No one will come close to either ! The level of consistency was ridiculous

  84. Der Aller Echte

    Der Aller Echte

    Hace 15 días

    Ich schreibe diesen Kommentar am 22.04.2021. Messi und Ronaldo greatest football era. MESSI goat

  85. Daniel Matthew

    Daniel Matthew

    Hace 15 días

    The commentator predicted the future remember the name Leonel Messi

  86. Daniel Joseph

    Daniel Joseph

    Hace 15 días

    I am crying😭

  87. Alim Musya

    Alim Musya

    Hace 16 días

    Between friendship and rivality

  88. Alim Musya

    Alim Musya

    Hace 16 días

    Most powerful el clasico is when they're in there

  89. Crulez


    Hace 16 días

    Im just gonna day hey to all the millons of fans who is going to see this video

  90. Yudhvir singh Sidhu

    Yudhvir singh Sidhu

    Hace 16 días

    whatever no one can be messi, ronaldo is good but messi is god

  91. Yudhvir singh Sidhu

    Yudhvir singh Sidhu

    Hace 16 días

    i think messi is better than him

  92. Nithin _prince

    Nithin _prince

    Hace 16 días

    11:47 bgm name please anyone

  93. Style R

    Style R

    Hace 16 días

    Cr7 el mejor futbolista de todos los tiempos mi opinión

  94. Carlos Chipepe

    Carlos Chipepe

    Hace 16 días




    Hace 16 días

    I was here!

  96. REDOX YT


    Hace 16 días

    Are you from future these both guys our inspiration of millions of hearts they were best in the pitch and out side the pitch ❤️

  97. oo oo

    oo oo

    Hace 17 días

    Mbappe and halland better not disappoint

  98. oo oo

    oo oo

    Hace 17 días

    I feel sorry for the error that did not get to see these two gods in their prime

  99. Marcel Kuhn

    Marcel Kuhn

    Hace 17 días

    The way i see these crazy once in a century player is Talent(messi) vs hardworking/treatment(ronaldo). I always felt like thats what these two are... even tho messi is hardworking and Ronaldo got insane Talent i felt like messi had more Talent while ronald had more hardworking inside him. But this doesnt Matter at all. Its just insane that we got to see these 2 once in a lifetime players battling each other in the same league/division. This is not coincidence its fate. Imagine who would be considered the best player in the world for all these years if they didnt exist... neymar? Lewandowski? Ribery? There are plenty of them but nobody was able to reach them.

  100. Bekarius 09

    Bekarius 09

    Hace 17 días

    Penaldo JAJAJJAJAJAJAJAJA he never be the goat