Rafael Nadal: ANGRY Moments

As you know, Rafa Nadal rarely gets angry on court. Here are one of his most remarkable moments when things don't go as wanted! (I uploaded this video first in 2019, now I've added some new clips)
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  1. sLlorca TV

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    As you know, Rafa Nadal rarely gets angry on court. Here are one of his most remarkable moments when things don't go as wanted! (I uploaded this video first in 2019, now I've added some new clips) Like & Subscribe for more Tennis content! Twitter: twitter.com/sLlorcaTennis

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      I'm a big fan of your channel! Congrats on these amazing 1.1 Mio. views!

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      Truth about Nadal exposed espics.info/two/pmnN3ImZl2S_jIQ/v-deo

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  4. Archibald Fritsch

    Archibald Fritsch

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    "Carlos my ball went in" '_'

  5. HG3235


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    Sale attitude.

  6. Daniel Medjedovic

    Daniel Medjedovic

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    People: nadal's rivals is djokovic and federer Me: nah Carlos his nadal's rival

  7. Ana Marroquín

    Ana Marroquín

    Hace un día

    Guapísimo cuero 😘 aún enojado brillas 😉

  8. Noel Conde

    Noel Conde

    Hace 2 días

    He is right in every situation showed in that video...

  9. dbn dbn

    dbn dbn

    Hace 2 días

    0:47 What kind of referee is this? He called the ball out -- play is stopped-- and instead of a replay of the point, he gives it to Berdych. Amateur!

  10. Xrandomdonalds


    Hace 2 días

    Nadal shouldn't be mad about the japan game. The dude was taking a shit

  11. antoine corre

    antoine corre

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  14. Nikola


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    when rafa is angry rafa is actually cute and funny :)

  15. eli eli

    eli eli

    Hace 4 días

    Can plz someone explain what happened in the first clip?

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  17. Varun Dharmavaram

    Varun Dharmavaram

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    He was right on all occasions too lol.

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  20. philosophy


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    he gets more attractive when he gets angry. lol but joking aside, i remember that ridiculous olympic match against kei. that was really unsportsmanlike.

  21. Mikael Hagström

    Mikael Hagström

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    Rafael Nadal is Mucho angry !!

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  23. Abhishek Choudhary

    Abhishek Choudhary

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    Nadal never broke a racquet.. in his entire career (abused raquet only handful number of times slightly, but never broke it)

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  25. Rahim


    Hace 6 días

    Rafael Nadal le goat

  26. VA


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    5:38 - one of the worst chair umpires in tennis. Can't tell you how many wrong line calls he has given and how many top players have argued with him. Absolutely useless.

  27. Sudheer Bangera

    Sudheer Bangera

    Hace 6 días

    Nadal was right all the time whenever he was argued👍

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    Should told them that you had the runs and had to go too for at least 25 minutes!!!

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  31. ТурбоТОП


    Hace 7 días

    Nadal has the highest average serve time in the history of tennis. Most of his serves, especially on clay court are close to 23-24 seconds. Is that normal? The dude most of the time just pisses everyone off around him with his OCD and eleven towels all over the court and when people finally get fed up with him - he snaps. Fck that, if you ask me.

  32. TM_johnaras78


    Hace 7 días

    0:44 WHAT???!?!? I AM NOT A FAN OF RAFA, BUT THAT WAS....!

  33. Marco Base

    Marco Base

    Hace 7 días

    Nadal no vale la pena team federer por siempre

  34. C.


    Hace 8 días

    "Pero qué partido estás viendo Carlos?" me ha matao jjahahshsh

  35. Luis Alberto Alves Menezes

    Luis Alberto Alves Menezes

    Hace 8 días

    Was Bernardes drunk then? He called "out". Yes, after Nadal did, but he called "out".

  36. Nate Hughes

    Nate Hughes

    Hace 8 días

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  37. ABCDE


    Hace 8 días

    It's very clearly that Nadal is absolutely right!

  38. Emilio Saure

    Emilio Saure

    Hace 8 días

    Djokovic , the fucking God

  39. Mohsin Fahim

    Mohsin Fahim

    Hace 8 días

    It's because of his controlled yet civilized rage all the legends of tennis actually respect him. The dude has faced a shit ton of targeted unfairness.

  40. ponce


    Hace 8 días

    Lars graf Worst umpire Ever.....thr guy was blind

  41. Ernst Elliot

    Ernst Elliot

    Hace 9 días

    here is true face

  42. hijuo reqia

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  43. Vishnu - Gaming and Music

    Vishnu - Gaming and Music

    Hace 9 días

    “One question, when do you call it out, when he does it or when you see it? I don’t understand.” When I’m not sure I have to think about it. “The ball is visible not thinkable” I’m dead😂😂

  44. santiboy117


    Hace 9 días

    Sus enojos eran justificados..... Solo digo.

  45. Lee Surridge

    Lee Surridge

    Hace 10 días

    To be fair, Rosol tapping his racket on the court must have been so damn irritating 😂 But, of course, that's probably what Rosol was looking for: a reaction.

  46. Rodrigo G R

    Rodrigo G R

    Hace 10 días

    Rafa es el mejor de la historia hasta en los enfados.

    • Ivaneitor77 Iván

      Ivaneitor77 Iván

      Hace 9 días

      Jajajajaja buenísimo comentario

  47. Καισαριανή 1944 πεσόντες

    Καισαριανή 1944 πεσόντες

    Hace 11 días

    Normal angry birds 😂🥺😂🥺



    Hace 11 días

    Ji yg



    Hace 11 días

    Ji 8h



    Hace 11 días

    Ji iv

  51. Its AK

    Its AK

    Hace 11 días

    Carlos the umpire clearly hates Nadal.

  52. Nick Dinsmore

    Nick Dinsmore

    Hace 11 días

    5:15 LMAO! His feelings are hurt. awwww, he thought Fognini was his friend.



      Hace 7 días


  53. Nick Dinsmore

    Nick Dinsmore

    Hace 11 días

    3:59 he is simply racist. ... question: do you think he would be acting that way if the ump were a "pure" spaniard?

  54. Nick Dinsmore

    Nick Dinsmore

    Hace 11 días

    0:41 the umpire simply said "out" when he meant to say "stop"

  55. Nick Dinsmore

    Nick Dinsmore

    Hace 11 días

    he's not as nice a guy as you think

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  57. D H

    D H

    Hace 12 días

    "No me rompes los huevos" means "Don't bust my balls" not "Don't bug me"

  58. Rod Sullivan

    Rod Sullivan

    Hace 12 días

    rafael nadal could have plastic surgery

  59. Madhav Vinod

    Madhav Vinod

    Hace 12 días

    Those refs are 🤡

  60. tipo de incógnito

    tipo de incógnito

    Hace 12 días

    He is very polite when he gets angry

  61. XeMasTyK


    Hace 14 días

    Como dice elxocas: "esto no es un juego"

  62. Mamnd Majd

    Mamnd Majd

    Hace 14 días


  63. Valecastrop


    Hace 15 días

    Can someone explain me what happejed in the first clip! With the faster impossible, thanks!

  64. Wokov


    Hace 15 días

    Alternate Title: Rare footages of Rafael Nadal

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  66. la mole

    la mole

    Hace 15 días

    por estas acciones no podría considerar a este jugador como el mejor de la historia

  67. Rachid Gnane

    Rachid Gnane

    Hace 16 días

    🔴 C'est très absurde cette point de vue tel que : Ce match on a trouvé Agassi & Nadal... Mais lors la carrière d'agassi à l'époque il n'ya eu pas la présence du Nadal .. d'où vient ce match ????... Autre remarque suivante: Dans ce Web là, visage d'agassi habillé une bande blanche autour de la tête , mais avant ((dans le même web)) il n'habille pas la bande... Regardez bien ces remarques attentivement.

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    tadrota qodagsa

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  69. Smallbabs Glory

    Smallbabs Glory

    Hace 18 días

    Mi bola mouniano 😂😂😂

  70. Jose Gomez

    Jose Gomez

    Hace 18 días

    Como se ponen por un punto de tenis,con la cantidad que se juegan ,si sería un gol en el fútbol eso sí que es decisivo

  71. JuAnCa RaMa

    JuAnCa RaMa

    Hace 19 días

    Winwledon la mayor farsa de la historia que asco se arbitraje todos en contra de nadal

  72. Joshua Romero

    Joshua Romero

    Hace 20 días

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  73. DIAKHOUMPA Ousseynou

    DIAKHOUMPA Ousseynou

    Hace 20 días

    Ball Oumy ball 🍊 Orange ball ndeye Gueye trop bass

  74. alberlos


    Hace 21 un día

    4:36 what a mental strength. He almost smashes the racket

  75. sebastian ciarfella

    sebastian ciarfella

    Hace 22 días

    Ain't nobody gonna comment on the fact that as angry as Nadal got he's never, ever broke a racket

  76. ショッカー


    Hace 22 días

    He never smash his racquet. Respect



    Hace 22 días

    When he was angry there were some serious reason

  78. THE HOPE


    Hace 23 días

    Rubbish game.. rubbish players .

  79. THE HOPE


    Hace 23 días

    Selfish player Nadal..

  80. Roderick Schoonover

    Roderick Schoonover

    Hace 23 días

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  81. Esteban Nicolas

    Esteban Nicolas

    Hace 24 días

    I never see him throwing a raquet. That it's amazing

  82. Juan Manuel Pujol

    Juan Manuel Pujol

    Hace 25 días

    Rafa, es un gran deportista, y en casi todas las veces que se puso mal, es porque le estaban cobrando encontra y mal. Rafa, tiene razón!!

  83. Sebastián Trepte

    Sebastián Trepte

    Hace 25 días

    Faster impossible!!!

  84. Andrew Franco

    Andrew Franco

    Hace 26 días

    4:50 a usual second or third round exit player yelling and complaining at a guy with 20 grand slams 😂 Sit down, shut up and prepare to have your ass handed to you Fognini!

  85. Mcormic C

    Mcormic C

    Hace 27 días

    Lo de Nishikori fue de los mayores robos que se han visto ultimamente en tenis profesional. Te estás comiendo moralmente a tu rival, remontando el partido, y de repente se toma un descanso de 11 minutos, cortando el ritmo del partido por completo, sin ningún tipo de sanción.

    • Ivaneitor77 Iván

      Ivaneitor77 Iván

      Hace 9 días

      Se estaba liando un porro en el lavabo y fumándoselo el Japo, porque vamos...

  86. arturo cortes

    arturo cortes

    Hace 27 días

    Nadal always Gets angry with Carlos Bernardes

  87. JeanMarc Delmolino

    JeanMarc Delmolino

    Hace 27 días

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  88. Whosees Now

    Whosees Now

    Hace 27 días

    Of course he is going to be angry when he is right

  89. Whosees Now

    Whosees Now

    Hace 27 días

    “It’s up to him”.Are you kidding me?

  90. Alphynity YT

    Alphynity YT

    Hace 28 días

    Rafa Nadal enfadado: Me estás diciendo una barbaridad Carlos 😡😡

    • ay que miedo yo me voy

      ay que miedo yo me voy

      Hace 9 días


    • Nadia xcxcx

      Nadia xcxcx

      Hace 11 días

      Dios lo leí con su voz jajajajaj no puedo jajajajaja Dios

    • María José Fandiño Briz

      María José Fandiño Briz

      Hace 12 días


  91. The Tech Guy

    The Tech Guy

    Hace 28 días

    KoC - King Of Clay

  92. Deakiller17


    Hace 28 días

    1:17 corona

  93. José L.

    José L.

    Hace un mes

    Nadal is always right when he is angry

  94. edi ginting

    edi ginting

    Hace un mes

    sya egk tau artinya,maksudnya gmna sih ini.kyak yg bnyak kontrofeksi,selalu ada mslah dengan wasit.tolong dong maksudnya gmna,krng pham.sya suka tenis

  95. Pablo Sandoval

    Pablo Sandoval

    Hace un mes

    Lo del Japonés es inadmisible, hasta yo me molesté

  96. Gavin Messenheiemr

    Gavin Messenheiemr

    Hace un mes

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  97. Okan Öztürk

    Okan Öztürk

    Hace un mes

    - I'm thinking when I'm not sure. Nadal - Ball is visible not thinkable :D

  98. Mark BC

    Mark BC

    Hace un mes

    Rafa : Angry but still have manners Nick : *iT sLiPpEd oUt oF mY hAnD*

  99. Luise Renner

    Luise Renner

    Hace un mes

    Love him!

  100. Hamza A.

    Hamza A.

    Hace un mes

    I lost all my respect for Nishikori after that game..