FightHype.com was on hand at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida where Hall of Famer Floyd Mayweather and ESpics sensation Logan Paul came face to face for the first time to host the kick-off press conference for their upcoming June 6 Super Exhibition. You don’t want to miss what went down. Check it out!


  1. Joey Ray

    Joey Ray

    Hace 11 días

    Fight fake.. just entertaining and a tie!

  2. Buttercup J

    Buttercup J

    Hace 14 días

    I can't wait to see this 🤣🤣🤣 🥊🥊🤕

  3. nick rauscher

    nick rauscher

    Hace 14 días

    People that think Logan could or would win your in denial it’s a pro vs a ESpics there’s no fight there it’s murder

  4. Avery


    Hace 14 días

    FULL FIGHT POSTED HERE: espics.info/two/t2e8lo2TxJevbXw/v-deo

  5. Alexander Park

    Alexander Park

    Hace 15 días

    So cringe man. Floyd up there as a 43 year old man dressed up like a 10 year old kid on holiday. On the other side logan Paul up there looking like a desperate teenager trying to keep his cool when called up to sing karaoke.

  6. Harry Punch

    Harry Punch

    Hace 15 días

    Am I the only one wishing mcgregor was the instead of mayweather. That would be hilarious

  7. Mr. Warlight

    Mr. Warlight

    Hace 15 días

    Floyd Mayweather is the superior trash talker. His disses were natural punchlines, and he held back the whole time. Meanwhile Logan Paul took bad cheap shots the whole time and couldn't refrain from laughter, whereas Floyd Mayweather looked non aggressive and full of pitty for the Paul brothers.

  8. ampeg


    Hace 15 días

    Floyd, if he wanted to, said fuck it my hands will heal. Could EASILY take both of these youtubers out.

  9. Nyran Stanton

    Nyran Stanton

    Hace 15 días

    this reminds me of like when Dave Chappelle left the big stage to just go off an dhave fun in parks and bars at 3am to do his stand up. That kind of i dont give a fck no more lets have fun phase lol.

  10. The Reptilian Civilian

    The Reptilian Civilian

    Hace 16 días

    I really want someone to knock Mayweather out but i dont want it to be him

  11. Ricardo Ruano

    Ricardo Ruano

    Hace 16 días

    No hype, no energy, that was lame. I will happily stream this garbage illegally

  12. Liz Vizion

    Liz Vizion

    Hace 16 días

    I'm sure Floyd will get more $ than Paul but they will both walk away with millions. I might check this fight out!

  13. Anthony Zanowic

    Anthony Zanowic

    Hace 16 días

    Logan Paul, you can't fight, you can't box. If Mayweather is serious and not just joining your act, you'll be hurt. I'm twice you age and you wouldn't last a round with me. I'd embarrass your sad punk ass in front of your family and friends.

  14. bigdaddy4069


    Hace 17 días

    FUCK ALL to do with race, what horseshit that is.

  15. Rodrigo Arroyo

    Rodrigo Arroyo

    Hace 17 días

    Logan paul won this press conference

  16. Lonsdale 1

    Lonsdale 1

    Hace 17 días

    Jake looks Ten years old than he’s brother 😐

  17. WolverineX


    Hace 17 días

    Logan is so dead

  18. Fotosynthesis858


    Hace 17 días

    Mayweather lookin like Broner now 🤣

  19. Brian Comiskey

    Brian Comiskey

    Hace 18 días

    Wat a bunch of shit this paul ting hasnt even won a fight jis brother says hes a boxer but wont fight boxers 2 muppets lookin for a pay check

  20. Tyler Hennessy

    Tyler Hennessy

    Hace 18 días

    Actually he knocked out mcgregor In 2017 and technically knocked out tenshin in 2018 so fuck you logan.

  21. Joel Koffi

    Joel Koffi

    Hace 18 días

    Race ? Cmon Floyd 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️😂 now you’re going too far but still rooting for your W tho , June 6 let’s go !

  22. Arjun Patil

    Arjun Patil

    Hace 18 días

    Floyds gonna kick his ass, no exaggeration

  23. Rophe Heals

    Rophe Heals

    Hace 18 días

    I’m not paying for that I’ll hear about it later

  24. Southern Boys Fishing

    Southern Boys Fishing

    Hace 18 días

    Let’s be real there’s only one race and it’s the Human race.

  25. Rare Breed

    Rare Breed

    Hace 18 días

    These white guy is bully. He is challenging a 43 year old retired boxer. Thats 6 inches shorter and 50 pounds lighter. Wow white people is this your guy? I hope Floyd drops his ass

  26. MrPpppppppppf


    Hace 19 días

    Worst press conference I’ve ever seen

  27. Mike Bloodsworth

    Mike Bloodsworth

    Hace 19 días

    Mayweather vs. class joe

  28. Daniel Cruz

    Daniel Cruz

    Hace 19 días

    Mayweather out here preaching the holy gospel of boxing

  29. Daniel Garcia

    Daniel Garcia

    Hace 20 días

    U win some and lose some, TMT!. ITS Time to pass on the bealt. Just like Roy Jones man!.

  30. TOM Patalinghug

    TOM Patalinghug

    Hace 20 días

    I hope youll get KO logan gay

  31. HellHound93


    Hace 20 días

    Can we remember that Mayweather knocked out Ricky Hatton who would absolutely destroy Logan Paul, I mean Logan couldn't beat KSI for fucks sake. Haha 🤣

  32. Erika Martinez

    Erika Martinez

    Hace 21 un día

    Logan looks literally so fucking stupid up there making just “jokes”. He’s fighting with a real fucking boxer. Mayweather Is gonna knock him the fuck out.

  33. Rezorxshen


    Hace 22 días

    Floyd was who I was banking on and wanting him to win, but you pull that racist shit off... I hope that annoying ass dude puts you on your ass.

  34. Douglas Riley

    Douglas Riley

    Hace 22 días

    Cant wait for floyd to teach him a lesson. Dikhead

  35. PAG


    Hace 23 días

    Great marketing. These guys all in. LOL The Paul’s are brilliant. Like or not, these boys here to stay. Mayweather best pure boxer EVER.

  36. Ben Justus

    Ben Justus

    Hace 25 días

    So since logan is technically the worst boxer, if he knocks out the best boxer does that make him the best?? Oh another thing I think if logan does win they should have a paul vs paul match🔥🔥🔥

  37. Jason Parry

    Jason Parry

    Hace 25 días

    This is embarrassing

  38. Jason Parry

    Jason Parry

    Hace 25 días

    Floyd must be broke

  39. Hamza


    Hace 25 días

    Money making scam

  40. VonJT


    Hace 25 días

    0:34 gotta love that comeback by Jake "Ehp"

    • Kurt Boica

      Kurt Boica

      Hace 20 días

      LMAO IM DIEING 😂😂😂😂

  41. David Ostos

    David Ostos

    Hace 25 días

    How can anyone pay for this shit

  42. anunez408


    Hace 26 días

    Logan brothers believe there own lies

  43. Sharon Ghghgh

    Sharon Ghghgh

    Hace 26 días

    5.39 I couldnt help think of friends and Chandler

  44. Art Pareja

    Art Pareja

    Hace 27 días

    Imagine if logan ko floyd... No excuses

  45. Sam Sak

    Sam Sak

    Hace 27 días

    This shit is turning into a circus now. Not even real fighters fighting anymore but hey who wouldn't fight for 100 million.

  46. Gamer dude 98993

    Gamer dude 98993

    Hace 27 días

    My bet is that mayweather is gonna knock out logan paul in 10 seconds or by the end of the first round

  47. CowBoah


    Hace 28 días

    Floyd always talking like he's lecturing art class especially with those hands gesture

  48. Francis Seyie

    Francis Seyie

    Hace 28 días

    Please I want good judges ....

  49. Nelson Sagadal

    Nelson Sagadal

    Hace 28 días

    This fight is going to be trash

  50. Franny


    Hace 29 días

    *it's a fucking joke to boxing*

  51. Víctor manuel Hernández Rodríguez

    Víctor manuel Hernández Rodríguez

    Hace 29 días

    This shit is so dumb! The have to pay me to watch it ! 100 bucks at least!

  52. del boy

    del boy

    Hace 29 días

    Cant wait for Mayweather too school this fool

  53. Alejandro Gonzalez Suárez

    Alejandro Gonzalez Suárez

    Hace 29 días

    I respect everybody who step in the ring.

  54. Tisha Arboleda

    Tisha Arboleda

    Hace 29 días

    Pacquiao is the best of all! According to the Washington Post , mayweather tested positive for PEDs right after the fight with Pacquiao as alleged by the Las Vegas Sports Commission! Mayweather the woman beater should have given up n returned the belt! Cheater Floyd!!

  55. Tisha Arboleda

    Tisha Arboleda

    Hace 29 días

    Plain and simple Circus!!

  56. J London Raps

    J London Raps

    Hace un mes

    Floyd could probably make more money Loosing for this fight.

  57. Rich Well

    Rich Well

    Hace un mes

    Floyd bent down to tie his shoe immediately after the official end of the press conference

  58. Rich Well

    Rich Well

    Hace un mes

    Man. It’s really really hard to out-douche Logan Paul. Floyd mayweather did that.

  59. Dr. Evil

    Dr. Evil

    Hace un mes

    Logan getting knocked out, I bet my life on it!

  60. ayeyo


    Hace un mes

    Bruh 😂 jake gon get knock tf out

  61. E Money

    E Money

    Hace un mes

    I want to see Floyd k.o. him

  62. jermaineishere


    Hace un mes

    May looking dusty🤦🏾‍♂️...looking like a college boy who sell Reggie, but stay broke cause he smoke his reup

  63. tatiana Mckoy

    tatiana Mckoy

    Hace un mes

    Jake is so arrogant..like ugh why you got to get in it!it’s your brothers fight not yours!!!

  64. Shon Seibert

    Shon Seibert

    Hace un mes

    Calling Floyd boy.......... this young clown needs to show more respect to his elders......

  65. Keegan Evans

    Keegan Evans

    Hace un mes

    Wen is this going to stop.....them 2 brothers are the worst thing to happen to the sport of boxing and the world today the world would be a better place without them in it

  66. T R

    T R

    Hace un mes

    Stop the playing the race card Floyd 😒

  67. BossMoney Fresh

    BossMoney Fresh

    Hace un mes


  68. T K

    T K

    Hace un mes

    Only clicked this Bc I’m high..

  69. Marvik Lima

    Marvik Lima

    Hace un mes

    I don't even like Floyd but I can't wait for him to knock this clown out lol

  70. kris brandie

    kris brandie

    Hace un mes

    It should be canelo or fury. Just say logan has a granite chin. Just naturally can take heavy shots no talent or skill manages to take it to a decision thats a win for them. Even to make it out the first round is an embarrassment to boxing. Mayweathers hands are glass i actually dont see a knockout here. We will see logan schooled thats without question but he needs embarrassed



    Hace un mes

    It's always about race,once a black man

  72. Nesly Leonvil

    Nesly Leonvil

    Hace un mes

    Floyd just bought prime real estate in Logan head when he made that Japan comment. See how his whole body language changed.

  73. troy seay

    troy seay

    Hace un mes

    If you guys on ESpics believe this fight you are delusional everything is fixed you can't see that something wrong

  74. Jay Moar

    Jay Moar

    Hace un mes

    This is so stupid, I hate both of them.

  75. William Downie

    William Downie

    Hace un mes

    Please everyone....do not pay for tis utter bullshit

  76. Mark Chivers

    Mark Chivers

    Hace un mes

    Wtf is floyd chatting about

  77. Nofucks Given

    Nofucks Given

    Hace un mes

    It still baffles me that the Paul’s want to fight smaller guys and talk all that shit. Y’all clearly don’t believe in yourselves or you’d be on the circuit.

  78. Chino Campos

    Chino Campos

    Hace un mes

    This is joke fight. 👎 not wasting my money

  79. Nick Pask

    Nick Pask

    Hace un mes

    Gotta love how the paul brothers think they win these verbal exchanges, they talk like children in a playground.....

  80. Down South

    Down South

    Hace un mes

    What a joke mannn,smh!!

  81. Alex Rolon

    Alex Rolon

    Hace un mes

    Mr . Mayweather is gonna wipe the floor with this guy 🤣👍💯

  82. mario delossantos

    mario delossantos

    Hace un mes

    Floyd looks older with that beard

  83. asdf asdf

    asdf asdf

    Hace un mes

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  84. J R

    J R

    Hace un mes

    Here we go again as if the. One with Connor wasn't enough Now another fixed fight what a dam disgrace to boxing. On the whole. Paul has three Fucken fights lol lol There fighters out there take years to become pro and these clowns what to call them fighters what a joke lol lol something I wouldn't waste a dime on. Complete garbage to watch

  85. M Ibrahim

    M Ibrahim

    Hace un mes

    I didn't know Logan could be as cringey as Jake

  86. John Lang

    John Lang

    Hace un mes

    This is a joke.!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🙄🙄🙄💩💩💩💩💩

  87. Retro Dealer 64#

    Retro Dealer 64#

    Hace un mes

    Looks like Logan's going out lose for third time. Logan lost twice to the same guy.

  88. Aslan Pro1

    Aslan Pro1

    Hace un mes

    They are fake they didn't go through the work real fighters did

  89. okie dokie

    okie dokie

    Hace un mes

    I wasn't gonna watch I watched this and Im thinking about it...there are different weight classes for a reason...

  90. Capt. Rob Atkinson

    Capt. Rob Atkinson

    Hace un mes

    After this fight his brother Jake Paul will be fighting Manny Pacqiuao 😂

  91. Adil Abdirahman

    Adil Abdirahman

    Hace un mes

    Floyd sounds like GHOST from the Power

  92. MidnightZz


    Hace un mes

    “Everything is about race” isn’t that like defining racism...?

  93. wang chang

    wang chang

    Hace un mes

    Mayweather bouta whoop that ass

  94. Sean E Cash

    Sean E Cash

    Hace un mes

    Might be the worst cringe trash talk ever! They both ran out of gas real quick... This makes Mcgregor look like a shit talking genius...

  95. Lucky


    Hace un mes

    I'm not a fan of Mayweather, but I hope he does fight and destroy both of them.

  96. DrtyBrd5.0


    Hace un mes

    How in the hell is Logan Paul still boxing if he smokes weed, he literally showed a video of him and his friends “ Hotboxing”. ?? Isn’t that against the policy ?? Or you can now do drugs in boxing I guess. The NFL and other sports, go ape shit when players smoke weed, but this ESpicsr with money who thinks they can box can get away with anything.

  97. Anthony elliott

    Anthony elliott

    Hace un mes

    I hope Floyd beat his ass like he stole something.

  98. Keith Hale

    Keith Hale

    Hace un mes

    💰💰💰💰💰💰 man

  99. Ru Ok

    Ru Ok

    Hace un mes


  100. Jesus Franco

    Jesus Franco

    Hace un mes

    That tmt clothing is trash