Daniil Dubov Shows 3079 Rated Grandmaster "Who is the Boss" In His Banter Blitz

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  1. chess24.5


    Hace un mes

    You can subsribe to our channel to see new Dubov video :)

    • Lodi Kalvin

      Lodi Kalvin

      Hace un mes

      can u include the pgn? thanks

  2. Ivan siio

    Ivan siio

    Hace 4 horas

    On 1:30 why he say that after Bg4 the opponent is forced to Rd1??

  3. Yuriy Tovchennikov

    Yuriy Tovchennikov

    Hace 8 horas

    А есть канал на русском?

  4. vincent delormeau

    vincent delormeau

    Hace 9 horas

    0:52. Why doesn't he play D4:D5 to win the knight ?

  5. Juned Bagwan 06

    Juned Bagwan 06

    Hace 20 horas

    2:31 opponent makes solid move Dubov:Yeah! it will be a long game 2:40 opponent goes 0.001% aggressive Dubov:Ok so you have chosen death 🤣



    Hace un día

    I think that DUBOV is the next World Champion

  7. Agust


    Hace un día

    GB Dubov is the GM

  8. kchiang4


    Hace 2 días

    This site's "plocky" sound is annoying, and this lumber jack cutting board style/vibe gives a clunky feel in a bad way. It's like cilantro,... some are ok with it, and to others it's just pure disgusting.

  9. Ninetail03


    Hace 3 días

    The 3079 guy must have felt like a 1000

  10. erbse1178


    Hace 3 días

    clickbait title

  11. Олег А

    Олег А

    Hace 3 días

    Надо организовать канал: "Даниил Дубов на русском" )))

  12. Carl N

    Carl N

    Hace 3 días

    you hear some zats in there... weech uhh makes ah me think zat he speaks zuh french as well as zuh russian?

  13. Halim Sallehuddin

    Halim Sallehuddin

    Hace 3 días

    ... Bxd4 not a blunder? Free piece. White can play Qb4.

  14. Peter Balkus

    Peter Balkus

    Hace 3 días

    3:32 Qb6 yes

  15. Dj Metin

    Dj Metin

    Hace 4 días

    My elo is 5780 dj007metin

  16. Near


    Hace 4 días

    0:50 why didn't white go d5?

  17. Damian Damiano

    Damian Damiano

    Hace 4 días

    This dudę is more femine than my wife

  18. Soham Pavaskar

    Soham Pavaskar

    Hace 5 días

    His thinking is so calm and clear.

  19. Fit Star88

    Fit Star88

    Hace 5 días

    Consolidated consolidated consolidated!!!

  20. Harsha Kaligotla

    Harsha Kaligotla

    Hace 5 días

    At 1:00 why didn't the opponent play pawn d5 to win the knight?

  21. MrSpeedyAce


    Hace 6 días

    His accent is addicting...

  22. Arma


    Hace 6 días

    What is this rating? More than 3000? I only know elo rating an Carlsen scored 2 882 at his top.

  23. pattabiraman sadasivam

    pattabiraman sadasivam

    Hace 6 días

    Sanx forzagame

  24. BBDragon09


    Hace 8 días

    Dubov is very clever guy and fenomenal chess player but why his English is so bad?😊

    • Romans 8:9

      Romans 8:9

      Hace 4 días

      His English is fine, just heavy accent.

  25. Tipmoose


    Hace 9 días

    Im over here trying to figure out whats wrong with Qa4+ Nc6 d5.

    • Syed Irfan

      Syed Irfan

      Hace 7 días

      Then black can just capture pawn on C3 with check and winning the rook.

  26. BCool


    Hace 9 días

    Why did not the white move d5 @0:51?

    • KarlArsch


      Hace 7 días

      Bishop takes c3 with check and after this the rook

  27. Zoobie Loobie

    Zoobie Loobie

    Hace 11 días

    1:09 lmfao

  28. Ray Gordon Teaches Chess

    Ray Gordon Teaches Chess

    Hace 11 días

    Guys like this scare me a lot more than Carlsen ever could.

  29. Graeme Stuart

    Graeme Stuart

    Hace 13 días

    Thank you for another fine banter blitz. You are a great commentator.

  30. IssA Benmoussa

    IssA Benmoussa

    Hace 13 días


  31. Йозеф Швейк

    Йозеф Швейк

    Hace 14 días

    Great ending technique!

  32. Дмитрий Инквизитор

    Дмитрий Инквизитор

    Hace 16 días

    Даня не ожидал знания языков..красавчик... делай вещи..гениальный гроссmaster !!! мы ждем твоих побед!

  33. Alif Ajmi

    Alif Ajmi

    Hace 16 días

    Imagine being handsome and genius

  34. Lambuster


    Hace 16 días

    Where is he playing, i mean what is the website or any chess apps

  35. Vasil Gilyan

    Vasil Gilyan

    Hace 17 días

    daniil dubov is amazing

  36. λ • genesis

    λ • genesis

    Hace 17 días

    Where is he streaming? chess24?!

  37. Alex K.

    Alex K.

    Hace 18 días

    At 5:42, 3079 opponent has 114 sec left while Dobov has 23 sec left. At 10:04, 3079 opponent resigns with 6.6 left while Dubov still has 11.9 left. Scary.

    • Alejandro m

      Alejandro m

      Hace 16 días

      There's the big difference between GM's and Super GM's i think, their knowledge about endgames

  38. swizzLa The One

    swizzLa The One

    Hace 18 días

    You are a blitzmonster 😁

  39. Vince Randell Robosa

    Vince Randell Robosa

    Hace 18 días

    He sounds like Agadmator lmao

  40. CompressWealthDivide EconomicProsperity

    CompressWealthDivide EconomicProsperity

    Hace 18 días

    With a slow internet, I get 2 seconds taken off each move. That 48 seconds or so I saw would be down to zero quickly for me.

  41. chess games

    chess games

    Hace 18 días

    hey guys please visit my channel once .. i hope u will enjoy

  42. Fluffy


    Hace 19 días

    Danil is the boss

  43. Blitza


    Hace 20 días

    Dang i feel personally attacked reading the comments below, I also can't do the TH and everyone mocks me because of it.

  44. Flapper Beacon

    Flapper Beacon

    Hace 20 días

    So, who is boss if this gym now?

  45. Państwo Piesto

    Państwo Piesto

    Hace 20 días

    Daniil sounds a bit like Agadmator.

  46. I play the role that I am

    I play the role that I am

    Hace 20 días

    So you showed him... who’s dubos here?

  47. Маноло Санчез

    Маноло Санчез

    Hace 20 días

    Его русская языка его покинула?

  48. Jhonathan Moran

    Jhonathan Moran

    Hace 20 días

    Dubov looks like Putin's son. What a master class! "Cremita" as Pepe Cuenca would say.

  49. Captain Charisma

    Captain Charisma

    Hace 20 días

    Dubov has a Dracula vibe "I vant to suck your blood"

  50. Dead Inside

    Dead Inside

    Hace 21 un día


  51. nodus


    Hace 21 un día

    8:50 Bxg3? its better

  52. James Patrick March

    James Patrick March

    Hace 21 un día

    0:50 Why not pawn to d5?

    • Yuzu Ch.

      Yuzu Ch.

      Hace 20 días

      Bishop on g7 would capture the pawn on c3

  53. Gideon Sylvan

    Gideon Sylvan

    Hace 21 un día

    Oof that time pressure. You’re the boss.

  54. Claus Canddie

    Claus Canddie

    Hace 21 un día

    You could show me you're the boss anytime Dubov senpai

  55. RockinMan


    Hace 22 días

    10 seconds left. Me: 😳 Daniil: calmly thinks over and comments every move.

  56. Wenyi Tim

    Wenyi Tim

    Hace 22 días

    dubov looks like a super villain in comics

  57. Milton S Dahyr Junior

    Milton S Dahyr Junior

    Hace 23 días

    Wow ....Dubov is a monster!!!

  58. Connor Veach

    Connor Veach

    Hace 24 días

    Dubov the sexiest GM without a doubt. Looks like Timothee Chalamet

    • Connor Veach

      Connor Veach

      Hace 15 días

      @Chess alright

    • Chess


      Hace 19 días


    • Sashir Muñoz

      Sashir Muñoz

      Hace 22 días


  59. ModivationLanguage


    Hace 24 días

    "I don't think I've ever seen this to be honsest?" lol!!!

  60. voaneves


    Hace 25 días

    Could he move rook to d2 in 09:28?

  61. Lazar Krcadinac

    Lazar Krcadinac

    Hace 25 días

    Poštovani gospodine Danilo prvo da vam čestitam na izuzetnom rejtingu i poželim vam još veći imao bih za vas dva puta ja a pre toga ukratko ja igram šah od te rte godine ali sam kasnije počeo da radim po literaturi od. Etvrte do danas mi je najbolji ruski igrač Anatolya Evgenlje vic Carpov skoro sva otvaranja znam ali bi mi trebao bar savjet kako iz tih otvaranja da uči. M sisteme i varijante. Molim vas gospodine Danilo za što konkretniji odgovor želim vam putno sreće u daljem radu. Još na kraju da kažem da sam igrač bezkategorni kao manji uvek me zanimala titula velemajstor kao gospodin Carpov što je veliko vam hvala gospodine Danilo na velikoj pomoći dodao bih za kraj sa sa. Imao dva turnira na koja sam učestvovao inače sam tip igrača napadačkog stila zato sam i pitao ovo gospodine Danilo veliko vam hvala na pomoći i objašnjenju . Želim vam još veći rejting i sve najbolje

  62. Edu Hermosilla

    Edu Hermosilla

    Hace 26 días

    great Dubov!!i love his play,is lethal!

  63. Даниил Каминский

    Даниил Каминский

    Hace 26 días

    Наш пацанчик)

  64. Aleks Cvejic

    Aleks Cvejic

    Hace 26 días

    The one and only

  65. JSSTyger


    Hace 26 días

    4:16 Why didn't white rook take black bishop on F-2? If black plays rook D-1 check, bishop on F-3 takes on D-1. White wins material. Does it have to do with a rook pin? At some point, black's queen will have to move.

    • JSSTyger


      Hace 26 días

      Nevermind. White queen gets taken.

  66. Doraemon


    Hace 26 días

    Woah Jesus

  67. JBishop29


    Hace 26 días

    "Who is the boss", no. Lol. He is the better player and barely won because of an inaccuracy. And as usually very rough on a guy who basically played him even.

  68. Pasha Pasovski

    Pasha Pasovski

    Hace 26 días

    Win or lose, DUBOV is my favorite chess player

  69. Yacoub ES

    Yacoub ES

    Hace 26 días

    I like how he says thnx for the game

  70. tilivili


    Hace 26 días

    PICURU = Lázaro Bruzón Batista ?

  71. Лука Андрић

    Лука Андрић

    Hace 26 días

    0:59 one not D5

  72. Arthur Bas

    Arthur Bas

    Hace 27 días

    0:50 🤔

  73. Eldores Chess

    Eldores Chess

    Hace 27 días

    Lol for the people calling a Magnus endgame technique. People played great endgames before Magnus was even born. Nowadays every endgame that is played well is referred to Magnus 😂

  74. Eldores Chess

    Eldores Chess

    Hace 27 días


  75. Дмитр Дмитр

    Дмитр Дмитр

    Hace 27 días

    Надо ж Даниил не сонный))когда же это подловили миг?)

  76. Alexandre FG

    Alexandre FG

    Hace 29 días

    Probably, he beat the president of Cuba. Nobody else has internet in Cuba.

  77. Александр Виролайнен

    Александр Виролайнен

    Hace 29 días

    Железные нервы ! )

  78. fernando bueno rodriguez

    fernando bueno rodriguez

    Hace un mes

    regalo su C

  79. Ilya Zaytsev

    Ilya Zaytsev

    Hace un mes

    yeah not so classy to say that the move is stupid.. thats a small difference with Magnus.. and a huge gap between European and post Soviet mentallity.

  80. plasmaastronaut


    Hace un mes

    dubov is the russian champion at sounding french, carlson can't compete

  81. No Copyright Classical Music

    No Copyright Classical Music

    Hace un mes

    Dubov is my favorite chess player. He always play to win even when he faces very strong players and I like this mindset.

    • Thiago da Silva

      Thiago da Silva

      Hace 19 días

      Dubov is very strong himself. He is rank 29 in the world.

  82. Aqib Mohammed

    Aqib Mohammed

    Hace un mes

    He doesn't shows who is the boss, he says it too on the stream. Savage.

  83. Heber Vinques

    Heber Vinques

    Hace un mes


  84. JamesJoyce12


    Hace un mes

    yeah - isn't this the dude that just beat him?

  85. M W

    M W

    Hace un mes

    Stupidest thing he has faced because Qa4 has no teeth, the natural d5 after isn't possible because of Bxc3+. Then the opponent plays Be3 when dxc isn't a threat either for the exact same reason... 🙄

  86. Mike Westbrook

    Mike Westbrook

    Hace un mes

    The 2018 rapids champ plays like an engine, even when he's tired.

  87. Masoom Shafi

    Masoom Shafi

    Hace un mes

    No one: Literally every super GM: I don't know what's going on I'm just going to castle

  88. Juanma Menendez

    Juanma Menendez

    Hace un mes

    Picuru is Lesnier Dominguez, he is the only Cuban player that can have that Elo

    • akawojo


      Hace 29 días

      Dominguez' style is slightly different, and he plays stronger than the white player here. he could have 3100 elo at least.

  89. Rohan Goswami

    Rohan Goswami

    Hace un mes

    End game aficionado right here

  90. John Salchichon

    John Salchichon

    Hace un mes

    A cuban grandmaster lol, do they even have internet in cuba

    • Fit Star88

      Fit Star88

      Hace 5 días

      Well if they have missiles I'm pretty sure they have internet and he's playing for America now would take Ur ignorant ass 1 min of research online to find all that shit out for urself but obviously in the case having a good connection went to waste 🙄🙄

  91. Mind


    Hace un mes

    Wow very instructional endgame! Thanks for uploading

  92. Fábio Palma

    Fábio Palma

    Hace un mes

    The guy must be thinking "I'm playing good and all because his taking a lot of time in his moves" when actually the guy is just being roasted

  93. Gusteau


    Hace un mes

    5:04 that's what i say every time when i start a new game

  94. oceso


    Hace un mes

    0:48 why is d5 not winning the knight?

    • SovietBear


      Hace un mes

      @oceso I will study the position to the best of my limited ability and hopefully find a solution to your answer.

    • oceso


      Hace un mes

      @SovietBear i think its something with the bishop taking the rook in the corner but i cant be f worded to look it up or figure it out so im just going to assume that that is the point. rook good, knight bad

    • SovietBear


      Hace un mes

      My exact same question,maybe he had a diffrent idea or just missed it completely.

  95. محمد فالح

    محمد فالح

    Hace un mes

    I want your acount in Instagram ❤️

  96. argrig


    Hace un mes

    The technique of realizing the 1 pawn advantage in a rook-bishop endgame with 20 seconds on the clock was incredible. I wish chess didn't require 10 years of hard daily work.

    • Alexander Anoshkin

      Alexander Anoshkin

      Hace un mes

      Fairly speaking it works so smoothly without fireworks. No need to be 3100 Blitzer go kill that.

  97. Alex Escajeda

    Alex Escajeda

    Hace un mes

    Daniil: "Queen A4 check.. Never seen this to be honest" And I'm over here seeing it at least once a day as a noob 900 rated player.

    • Andy


      Hace 3 días

      1500 here, I've seen it a ton....... it was never recommended though in any analysis unless it improves your position.

    • Albrecht Roth

      Albrecht Roth

      Hace 3 días

      he is talking about this specific line, not the Qa4 check in particular

    • EBHAE 1

      EBHAE 1

      Hace 6 días

      You beginners play the Grunfeldt?

    • wacko User

      wacko User"s DEN

      Hace 7 días

      992 here and ive seen that many times

    • roberto


      Hace 26 días

      855 here

  98. Follow 64

    Follow 64

    Hace un mes

    And someone should show him where the nearest electronics shop is to get something better than a hairdryer to record.

    • Salo Kin

      Salo Kin

      Hace 21 un día

      Well I'm just grateful for an excellent video by the 2nd strongest player in the world, commentating in English (his second language) while doing so. He is absolutely amazing. Had not even noticed the sound quality.

  99. Nitin Sharma

    Nitin Sharma

    Hace un mes

    No answer dubov game

  100. C Beckford

    C Beckford

    Hace un mes

    The snotty orchestra family excuse because wall hisologically haunt pro a ultra kevin. wanting, three illegal